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Ringing Rake Sough

Entrance of Ringing Rake Sough


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Note - as of 15/11/2018, Gentlewoman's entrance shaft near Masson Quarry, which connects to this system, is blocked with boulders by the new landowner. DCA is attempting to negotiate access. Please stay away from this entrance until the situation is resolved.

Lidded shaft entrance/exit near the sough tail by the River Derwent at Artist's Corner, next to the swings. Lid can be opened from inside without a key; the key to open from the outside is available from the Mining Museum at Matlock Bath. Sough connects to the coffin-level of Masson Sough internally. Deep Shaft is open, and lands near the 'Y' junction two-thirds of the way along the coffin-level - access via Greenhills Farm. Masson Sough eventually connects via Old Jant Mine to Gentlewoman's Pipe at the top of Masson Hill. Entire system is part of Masson Hill SSSI.


Danger from Weil's Disease from rats associated with sewage seepage in adit entrance.


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